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Case Studies

As the site develops there will be more Case Studies presented here to give prospective clients ideas about what we can do to help.

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Reducing Complexity

  • 8% savings on annual spend
  • Testing programme paid for within months
  • Cost & operational savings due to consolidated deliveries
  • Fewer deliveries leading to reduced HSE risk at plants

Getting through the door

  • Are "me too" additives really commodities?
  • How do you get those first samples in?
  • Just because 1% of all motor oils uses your chemistry doesn't mean that you are targeting 1% of every Oil Marketers volume
  • Collaboration is key

Setting the Correct Specification

  • OEM reported catastrophic failure in their equipment
  • Diagnosed as filter blocking
  • Cause was gel formation due to acidic lube components reacting with yellow metals
  • Addco had changed process and TAN had never been part of the sales specification

Supply Security in Uncertain Times

  • Do you know the ultimate supplier of your key additives?
  • What happens if a trade war breaks out?
  • Which chemical components are key to your retaining business?

EV Fluids: Market Entry

  • BEVs, NEVs, PHEVs etc., What does it mean for your products?
  • Is the ICE dead?
  • 2030? 2035? 2040? Are they meaningful dates?
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