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Contracting & Procurement

Over $1 billion Annual Spend


For 18 years, our Principal  led and worked in multi-functional teams defining and implementing Procurement and Supply Chain strategies to support Shell Lubricants' enormous growth during the 21st Century.


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From Addpacks to Individual Chemicals


Over the years he expanded his role to cover every individual chemical, be they additives defined by their chemistry - such as polyalphaolefins and esters - or additives defined by their function - such as extreme pressure, anti-foam, demulsifier or viscosity modifier.


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Procurement Strategies


A Procurement Strategy is not just something for the Contracting and Procurement function. It should extend to supply chain and – for maximum benefits – to the R&D function as well.


For most Lubricants blenders there cannot be a one size fits all arrangement that covers the Big Four additives suppliers, from whom many additives arrive in bulk and those small and large chemical companies who deliver a few kilos per annum.


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Reducing Complexity


Ever the cry from the manufacturing locations, complexity reduction might involve cutting the number of SKUs on-site or initiatives to reduce blend cycle time or the number of process steps.  Understanding the chemistry of the additives purchased can be key to this reduction in complexity.


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