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Blue Chip Companies

Our consultants supported ICI's Petrochemicals, Chlor Chemicals and Paints businesses (now mostly part of Ineos, Johnson Matthey or Akzo Nobel) and Shell's Downstream businesses, including Chemicals, the former Shell Additives International and Shell Global Lubricants

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Procurement and Divestment

Hundreds of suppliers, thousands of chemicals & blends

The technical specification of Lubricants additives is our core competence. To do that effectively for one of the largest companies in the world, our consultants had to build relationships with hundreds of suppliers selling thousands of materials; from individual chemicals to specialist additive packages. If you want to read more about managing those interfaces effectively for your company.

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Major divestments

The values of divestments are rarely disclosed, but our consultants played key roles in the divestment of Shell's metalworking fluids businesses (JP Industrie, Sinol S.A. and Macron GmBH) to Houghton International and the Cassida brands to Fuchs.

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HSE Compliance of Raw Materials & Products

Among the alphabet spaghetti of legislation, GHS, the TSCA reform and REACH ride high in the minds of many senior executives concerned about compliance. 
Our Principal managed the global team at an FTSE 100 company that ensured HSE and regulatory compliance on the ground through detailed discussions on chemistry of all purchased chemicals.
To support this activity, he led the development of supplier relationships, business processes and tools that ensured compliance for his company without compromising intellectual property or confidential business information for either customer or supplier.


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Managing Change

Developing your people to be their best

Our consultants have extensive experience in making the case to grow activities to support business priorities or anticipate legislative and market change. 
We have led transitions from office based to virtual teams, outsourced and off-shored activities and all the time continued to develop the people within those teams who add value and make the difference in performance.
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