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Entering the Electric Vehicle Fluids market


Multi-million US$ investment realised




Market evolution scenarios augmented by hardware evolution


The client, a large chemical company with a thriving business in Lubricants, was unsure whether electric vehicles were a threat or an opportunity. Should they invest in their own facilities if EVs were to dominate the market by the end of the 2030s?


They had access to some publicly available scenarios from the larger consultancies projecting market growth, sometimes by the vehicle type and by geography. They were also aware of sample requests for their own materials, progress of their own hardware testing with customers, and rumours of competitor activities. However, they could not relate this reliably to future sales volumes.


We augmented that public domain information with some from subscription sources and a solid understanding of the likely evolution of electric and hybrid passenger and light commercial vehicle hardware.


This added an additional technology dimension to the broad market volume scenarios, allowing clarity on the likely volumes available for capture.


This type of study has been conducted for both base fluids and additives. 

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